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Career Awareness Workshops:

The Dream Academy will begin with its signature program, which consist of interactive live and virtual workshops presented by professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse career backgrounds.


Tutorial Program:

Will be available to all program participants on an after-school basis and will be geared toward the needs of program participants. Services will be provided by retired educators, teenage, college and adult volunteers.


Mentoring Program:

Services will be provided by adult, college and teenage volunteers. The organization will seek to align students with mentors in their professional area of interest when possible.


College Preparatory Program:

This program will consist of SAT and ACT preparation, as well as college and university campus tours.

Leadership Academy:

Programs will include a mastery of literacy, including reading and public speaking, financial literacy, leadership and soft skills development.

Community Service Projects:

Will provide students with an opportunity to serve their community through a variety of community service projects.


STEM Education:

There will be a strong focus on STEM, including computer programming/coding, video game design, robotics, etc.


All services will be provided by trained volunteers and will be free of charge to program participants.

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